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BRASS Annual Meeting

Message from the President, Anita Deming

You are invited to the Boquet River Association Annual Meeting of Membership. We have an excellent speaker from APIPP to talk about controlling invasive species in our watershed and getting involved in early detection. We are also making minor changes to our bylaws which must be done at a meeting of all the membership.

BRASS no longer has an executive director so all of your donations go directly to projects with very little overhead. Come and learn our plan for the long haul.

Agenda Monday, April 13  

6:30 Snacks and meet the members

7:00 Welcome – Anita

7:10 Brendan Quirion – Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program on Weeds in the Boquet Watershed

7:40 Friend of BRASS – award

8:00 Annual Report – Anita

8:15 Financial Report – Shelling

8:20 By-Laws Amendments – Anita

8:30 Elections – Tom Clark, Schell McKinley, Bruce Misarski


Annual Cookie Run Results


Pictured is overall winner Holly Butler. Photo by Lucy Misarski

Pictured is overall winner Holly Butler.
Photo by Lucy Misarski

The run winners were: Overall- Holly Butler with a time of 31:37,  Junior Male-Tom Palen (31:39), Junior Female-Charlotte Ward (39:06), Mid Male-Scott Woodward (34:18), Mid Female-Lynn Palen (34:43), Senior Male-Jeff Kelly  (40:51), and Senior Female-Joan Lilly (34:05).  See below for a complete list of runner times.

BRASS gives a huge THANK YOU to the Dogwood Bread Company for donating the home-made cookies. Thank you to Jeff Kelly and the BRASS board members who made this event a success. And, to all of the runners – Thank You for supporting your river association!

  1. Holly Butler (31:47)
  2. Tom Palen (31:39)
  3. Joseph Wilson (31:41)
  4. Joan Lilly (34:05)
  5. Scott Woodward (34:18)
  6. Lynn Palen  (34:43)
  7. Cathy Quaglietta (37:14)
  8. Sue Allott (38:14)
  9. Jeff Allott (38:15)
  10. Charlott Ward (39:06)
  11. Bruce Misarski (39:37)
  12. Jeff  Kelly (40:15)
  13. Candy Goff (42:07)
  14. Camille Ward (42:48)
  15. Sue Leon (43:08)
  16. Dave Reckahn (45:08)
  17. Lacy Knapp (46:19)
  18. Mike Whelan (46:20)
  19. Ray Robert (57:13)

Will Salmon Be King Again?

By Vic Putman

The salmon were running the Boquet River from the mouth at Lake Champlain by early October. Within the first few days of the run, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation counted 22 salmon at the fish ladder located at the dam in Willsboro.  Meanwhile the US Fish and Wildlife Service netted 24 salmon and put transmitters in them to see if the fish would go up through the fish ladder and/or how many attempts they make to do so.

Another salmon study is also in progress and is spearheaded by the US F&WS in conjunction with Concordia University in Montreal. Andrew Harbicht is the Grad Student who is implanting salmon with transmitters to determine how successful the fish are at traversing the rapids into the fish ladder and how many attempts they have made. Andrew has tagged and released 24 salmon so far and the antennae mounts at the fish ladder and below the large fishing pool monitor fish activities. Thus far Andrew says 3 have gone back into the Lake, one was caught and returned to the river and another is situated next to the fish ladder in the staging pool.  Look for more information on this research in the next issue of the BRASS Newsletter.