Strategic Plan


STRATEGIC PLAN (2011-2013)

Adopted by the Board of Directors on 11/01/10


Strategic Issue #1

How can BRASS improve residents’ understanding of and relationship to rivers?

GOAL:  Expose residents of the Boquet watershed to facts and issues about the river and its riparian corridor. Subjects would include water and habitat quality measures, BRASS strategic issues, why the Boquet River behaves as it does, the interdependent relationships between aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals, and enjoyable pursuits the river environment offers.

Strategic Issue #2

How can BRASS best reduce the amount of channel sedimentation, nutrients and other non-point sources of pollution to the river?

GOAL:  Improvement of invertebrate and fish habitat to sustain natural reproduction of native and re-introduced fish species and maintenance of minimum water quality standards to meet the NYS DEC requirements of the “Wild, Scenic & Recreational Rivers” act designation. 

Strategic Issue #3

How can BRASS increase public participation in watershed projects?

Goal:  Continuous and varied projects keeping the public informed and engaged in a variety of watershed issues.

Strategic Issue #4

What role can BRASS play to encourage improvements in private and public wastewater treatment in the watershed, and the handling/recycling of household, business, and agricultural waste?

Goal:  Reduce nutrient loads to the river and Lake Champlain, and reduce waste and toxic substances in the watershed.

Strategic Issue #5

In what ways can BRASS mitigate flood hazards to persons, property, and infrastructure?

Goal:  Increase public awareness of river behavior, the special propensity for the Boquet River to flood, and specific measures and projects to mitigate flood damages.

Strategic Issue #6

What is the state of riparian and watershed biodiversity, and what role should BRASS play?

Goal:  Protect, maintain, and enhance biodiversity in the watershed.

Strategic Issue #7

How can BRASS help maintain – and provide more – public recreational access to the river without burdening riparian landowners with liability concerns?

Goal:  Promote public access sites along the river for a variety of recreational pursuits and preservation of age-old “swimming holes” without landowner liability.

Strategic Issue #8

How can BRASS help ensure its continuance and growth?

Goal:  Establish BRASS as a vibrant, energetic, and self-sufficient organization with varying sources of income and administrative continuity.

Strategic Issue #9

How can BRASS help ensure the creation and implementation of a Boquet River Watershed Management Plan?

Goal:  A completed Boquet Watershed Management Plan and a revised, updated BRASS Strategic Plan based on priorities identified in the Watershed Management Plan.