Split Rock Falls, New Russia

Split Rock Falls, New Russia


The Boquet River Association (BRASS) is a small, membership-based, volunteer-oriented non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of water and life in the 280-square mile Boquet River watershed.  BRASS uses a collaborative, non-regulatory approach to watershed management, and works with individuals, organizations, local governments and state and federal agencies to solve problems affecting the river.  (Read more)



BRASS Annual Meeting Scheduled

The Boquet River Association invites you to join us for our Annual  Meeting on Monday evening, April 13, 2015 at the Hand House on River Street in Elizabethtown, New York.

The eventwill begin at 6:30 PM with refreshments and apresentation by Brendan Quirion about invasive weeds in the Boquet River Watershed.

President, Anita Deming will provide an overview of BRASS activities and accomplishments in 2014 including the completion of phase one of the Boquet River Watershed Management Plan.  (Read More)

RSVP to info@boquetriver.org


Will Salmon Be King Again?DSCN1632

The salmon were running the Boquet River from the mouth at Lake Champlain by early October. Within the first few days of the run, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation counted 22 salmon at the fish ladder located at the dam in Willsboro.  Meanwhile the US Fish and Wildlife Service netted 24 salmon and put transmitters in them to see if the fish would go up through the fish ladder and/or how many attempts they make to do so.  (Read More)

Annual Cookie Fun Run Results.  

The BRASS annual Cookie Run held on Saturday, October 18th drew 19 runners from Elizabethtown, Keene, Westport, Wadhams, Lewis, and Port Henry. The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the runners, who all were eager to start the four mile round trip run.  The group ran two miles up County Route 10 along the beautiful Boquet River, turned around and finished at the starting line. The overall winner was (Read more)

Watershed Management Plan Public Presentation

The Boquet River Association and the Town  of Westport held two information meetings where the public provided input on the physical condition of the Boquet River and discussed water quality and important watershed protection issues.  The events featured over two dozen large maps that illustrated the diverse physical features of the Boquet River watershed.

The informational meetings were held on August 4th and August 26th.  The maps will be available for viewing and further public input during town meetings in the towns of Elizabethtown, Lewis, Essex, and Willsboro.  (Read more)

Trashy Event

by Alvin Reiner

BRASS (Boquet River Association) members scoured both sides of about 5,000 feet of the Boquet River in Willsboro as part of the association’s campaign to clean a major tributary to Lake Champlain.  (Read more)

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Mailing Address:  PO Box 374, Elizabethtown, NY  12932

Email Address:  info@boquetriver.org

Phone:  518-962-4810 x 409 (Anita Deming, President)

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